58. The Difference Between Enneagram Type 1 and Type 4
Enneagram MBA PodcastMay 10, 2022x
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58. The Difference Between Enneagram Type 1 and Type 4

"Is it possible that your number changes over the years? I remember being a 1 like five or six years ago, and now I did the test just for fun and I'm a 4 apparently (?)"

This was such a great question I got over on Instagram the other day. While these two types on the surface may look very different, there are some very interesting similarities that do make this confusing sometimes.

Both are very idealistic, Ones have an ideal version of how the world "should" be and Fours have an idealistic version of themselves. And both deal with the specific feeling of frustration (along with Type 7s) when that ideal version isn't lived up to.

Most confusing though can be that when a One is in stress, they move to a Type Four, where they inner critic intensifies and they can slip into more depressed feelings.

And then a Four is in growth or feeling secure, it's Arrow is to a One, bringing the needed structure and routine to their ideals and creative projects.

Key differences covered in the episode include:

1) how they each make decisions
2) their orientation to time
3) how they get their needs met
4) how they handle conflict
5) handling the common good vs. personal desires

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