54. The Difference Between Type 3 and Type 5
Enneagram MBA PodcastApril 26, 2022x
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54. The Difference Between Type 3 and Type 5

Type 3 is known as The Achiever, The Performer, or The Role Model with a “hustle harder” motto who’s core motive is to be desired and seen as successful.

Type 5 is known as The Thinker, The Expert, or The Observer with “I don’t need much, but I need my space” energy and a core driver to be capable, competent and self-sufficient.

The confusion between the them is typically for two reasons: They both rely on thinking but for different reasons and they are both a part of the Competency Triad (along with Type 1) where there’s a value on competency and problem solving - “show me the data, don’t give me the drama.”

There’s also several key differences that can help you gain additional clues along your typing journey. In the mini-training replay from YouTube, you’ll learn about 8 them covering:

  • The drive behind their desire for competency 
  • How they experience and present feelings 
  • Being in social situations 
  • Taking action and getting things done 
  • What they’re hiding 
  • What stresses them 
  • Core coping strategy 
  • What burn out looks like


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