About The Show 


Welcome to the Enneagram MBA podcast, where aspiring and growing entrepreneurs and company leaders learn the tools and strategies to get to know themselves, get to know their clients and teams, and learn to get known as they package and promote their expertise and services in a way that aligns with their unique personality, motives, and goals. So grab your notebook or open your notes app and I’ll see you in class  :)

Your Host

Hi there! I'm Sarah Lynn - Enneagram Certified Coach, an Enneagram 7, mom to an 8-year old Spider-Man and a sweet German Shepard, a seriel reader, Elon Musk fan, and obessed with spinning.

In 2018, after 5 years of selling events and advertising, I started my own social media marketing business. While I loved the creative work my clients and I did together, I kept finding the conversation, more times than not, going to a struggle or challenge in other areas of their life that was impacting things in their business or career.

I also found those conversations to be something I turned out to be really good at and felt very lit up by it. 

So over time, I moved more away from most of my done for you projects and now get to do more coaching, advising and training to help clients navigate through all parts of life and by re-introducing them to themselves using one of my favorite self-awareness and growth tools - the Enneagram - to build both a business and life that's aligned with their purpose and unique personality.